You will probably have heard about the new GDPR laws coming in from 25th May 2018.



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What is the new law?

Affectionately referred to as GDPR, it an overhaul of data protection laws and introduced a lot of new requirements when processing data.  Processing data includes holding data, so if you hold data in your business and on your employees, you will need to comply.

As a HR business we are focusing on this from the HR perspective but we recommend you review your entire business to ensure you comply.


Why comply?

1 – it is the law

2 – the fines for none compliance are huge – 20million euros or 4% of worldwide turnover

3 – keeping individual’s personal data is good practice and you want to treat other people’s data how you want to be treated

4 – you need to be able to prove your compliance


What do you need to do?

1 – audit your records – identify what you hold and why

2 – ensure this is compliant with the new law

3 – review your contracts and policies

4 – prepare an employee privacy notice for each employee telling them what you hold, why, how you process it, how long you keep it, their rights to amend / correct and erase data

5 – ensure your third-party suppliers are compliant

6 – train employees on their obligations and requirements to report breaches

7 – keep a record of breaches

8 – keep a record of when data is shared and why


If this all sound daunting don’t worry we can help!  We have a GDPR package, this includes;


1 – GDPR summary explanation,

2 – HR audit form,

3 – Employee privacy notice,

4 – GDRP policy – for employees,

5 – Data retention period guidelines,

6 – Data protection breach policy,

7 – Data protection breach register,

8 – An update to your existing contract and discipline and grievance policy.


This is available for £350.

*all prices subject to VAT