Would you like the answers to questions such as:
  • What are Steve’s strengths and limitations?

  • Is Lynn a self starter?

  • Would Amit make a good manager?

  • What areas does Dawn need to develop?

  • What motivates Craig?

  • Will Varsha make a good sales person?

  • Why does Leigh get on so well with everyone but not meet sales targets?

  • Why does Dave do a great job but never delivers it on time?

  • Why does Claire ask permission to do anything “outside the box”?

We can help you do all of this and more by carrying out a personality and behavioural assessment. We can help identify:
  • Working strengths

  • Motivators

  • Value the individual brings to the organisation

  • How the individual is likely to perform under pressure

  • Management skills

  • Sales skills

  • Match to job requirements

The assessment can be used for:
  • Recruitment to match the candidate to the job

  • Understanding performance issues

  • Selecting for promotion

  • Identifying areas for development

  • and much more…

This will give you:
  • An improve recruitment process

  • Increased staff retention

  • More effective people management

To arrange an assessment or to find out more contact us today.